Saturday, October 18, 2008

Take Care of Your Sterling Silver Jewelry To Make It Last A Lifetime

Those of us that adore jewelry want nothing more than to keep our precious treasures in good condition for a life time. Here are a couple of helpful hints, for you to maintain your sterling silver jewelry :

  1. Make sure to remove your silver jewelry before doing any sort of cleaning or physical work. Definitely remove your jewelry when you decide to swim, clean, or even take a bath or shower. A lot of the chemicals that you are exposed to during these activities can cause unecessary damage to your silver jewelry.

  2. It is suggested to also consider removing your jewelry, before going to bed. Sterling Silver is a bit malleable and it can endure damage or bending, if worn to bed.

  3. Use a soft cloth to wipe off your jewelry after normal wear. This will remove body oils that accrue on the jewelry, which may contribute to discoloring or grime build-up.

  4. Store your jewelry in a dry, cool place. Most jewelry lovers tend to keep their treasures stored in a jewelry box, or the like. It is recommended that your jewelry container or box is softly lined, so as to decrease possible scratching and wear on jewelry stored in it. The other option to consider is to use anti tarnish pouches for each individual jewelry piece, when storing them. If you are in need of anti tarnish pouches, please feel free to contact us at , as we do carry various sizes of these useful pouches.

  5. If you prefer not to use harsh chemicals to clean your silver jewelry, you can use a mild soapy water, with a very soft bristle tootbrush. After you have completed cleaning your silver jewelry, make sure to dry it off completely. Never leave your silver jewelry soaking in water or exposed to water for an extended period of time. The chemicals in treated water may be corrosive to your jewelry's surface.

  6. Although it is not necessarily recommended to use dip cleaners or treated cloths, there are exceptions to the rule. There are some types of jewelry cloths that are readily available, that can help you keep your silver jewelry clean. If you are interested in purchasing a polishing cloth, feel free to contact us, via email at and we will gladly show you some great polishing cloth options for sterling silver jewelry care.

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