Monday, May 27, 2013

The Artist Community. Ambassadors of True Creativty........

Fantastic Pop Up Event At Crafted at the Port of LA

I've pondered the definition of the Artist Community and what that means to me. As my needs, wants, and desires have changed over the years, the creative community has morphed accordingly. I've come to realize that I've chosen a life less ordinary, but as much as I fight it, there has to be some defined aspects of the every day ins and outs. There has to be a schedule; there has to be a purpose; there has to be a focused intention; there has to be a support system. What exactly IS a support system? Not surprisingly, if you ask 100 different people, you'll most likely get 100 different answers. I can and will say, without a doubt, that part of my support system are the Artists that I have as part of my everyday life. People who I share ideas with, creative time with, constructive criticism with, and so much more. I've come to realize that these amazing people really have a vested interest in my success, as well as their own, by participating in these exchanges of ideas and creativity. I cherish their bevy of knowledge, their willingness to share of themselves, and their presence in my life. They inspire me to be better, to do better, to be more, to do more.....I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have been such an integral part of my growth....As a person, as a creative, and as a member of the Artist Community.

Want to come meet me and a few of my friends? You can check us out at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles each weekend. Check out for information and directions and I look forward to seeing you there very soon!
Visit Shirlee of Enchanted Chic to see amazing fused glass

Visit Delia of Pheonix Magyk to see fine Silver Creations

visit to learn about all the artists of this great community!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Extensive Selection of Necklace Displays Available

We've had the pleasure of sharing a huge selection of jewelry displays and packaging through our sister shop Notable Notions.  We wanted to provide a reference post here, for you to see a majority of the displays we have available. We realize not everybody shops on Etsy, so that's why we're posting these items here. If you see displays you are interested in, feel free to contact us at to purchase items directly or you can contact us through our Artfire Shop or our Etsy Shop. Thanks so much for all of your continued support!

Metro Style Leatherette Display Stands - These gorgeous stands are a modern twist on traditional necklace busts. We offer them in the following sizes:

10 X 6.5 X 3 Inches(Black or Ivory) $16.00 each
13.5X7.5X4 Inches(Black or Ivory)  $19.00 each
17 X 8 X 4.5 Inches(Black or Ivory) $23.00 each
21 X 9.5 X 5 Inches(Black or Ivory) $26.00 each

Metro 10 X 6.5 X 3 inch Black Leatherette Necklace Stand

Metro 10 X 6.5 X 3 inch White leatherette Stand

Alyssa Porcelain Glazed Necklace Torso Displays- These earthy display stands are glazed and show a textured and spreckled finish. They're a great addition to any display set up. We offer them in the following sizes:
9 X 7.5 X 4.5 Inch Torso Style Stand $33.00 each
13.5 X 7.5 X 4.5 Inch Tall Torso Stand $34.00 each
Alyssa Porcelain 13.5 Inch Tall Display

Alyssa Porcelain 9 Inch Tall Display

Traditions Leatherette Classic Style Necklace Display Bust- This economical and attractive display stand comes in 4 sizes and 3 colors, making it a versatile and useful addition to your jewelry displays. We offer them in the following sizes:

8X7 Inch Size(available in white, black, or ivory) $10.00 each
10x8 Inch Size(available in white, black, or ivory) $13.00 each
12X9 Inch Size(available in white, black, or ivory) $16.00 each
14X10 Inch Size(available in white, black, or ivory) $20.00 each

Traditions 10X8 Inch White Leatherette Display Stand

Traditions 10X8 Inch Black Leatherette Display Stand

Diplomat Contrasting Color Trimmed Style Leatherette Necklace Displays-These pretty displays have a touch of color contrast, giving them a more refined and formal look. We offer them in one size and two different color contrasts:

White Leatherette with Black Trim 8X8X5 Inch Size : $12.75 each
Black Leatherette with White Trim 8X8X5 Inch Size : $12.75 each

Diplomat White Leatherette Black Trim 8X8X5 Inch Stand

Diplomat Black Leatherette White Trim 8X8X5 Inch Stand

Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Nights and LA Craft Experience Was A Blast!

I must say, we had one heck of an evening this weekend, at the LA Craft Experience at Summer Nights, in Historic China Town in Los Angeles. There was a great selection of music, art, craft vendors, food, and of course, the amazing crown of supporters! We want to thank all of our family and friends, that made it out to the event. We truly appreciate your support and hope to see you at the next event! Take a peek at some cool pics from the event......

Monday, August 23, 2010

This is Bananas! One More Etsy Shop Added to the Belandaria Family...And We Have Snacks!

    That's right, we're venturing into the Epicurean world of delicious edibles! Our newest shop is called Bella Luna Sweets And Spices and we'll be offering some amazing products. We'll have home made preserves and marmalade, as well as baked goods, teas, sweet and savory snacks, and high quality specialty food items. We launched this little shop to bring together a family of folks, who by all accounts, LOVE food! We love making it, eating it, chatting about it, eating it.....Well, you get the picture! I have an amazing child hood friend that has found her niche in the way of making delicious banana bread, with some unique variations. Now, beyond the fact hat her bread has no milk in it(great for those who have dairy allergies), it is a moist, delicious treat any time of the day. She'll be making traditional Banana Bread, Banana Nut Bread, Banana Nut and Chocolate Bread, and even a sinfully fun recipe called "The Elvis". All you have to know about that one is it does involve peanut butter chips, bananas, and deliciousness! All of these amazing

items will be available in mini loaves, large loaves, sampler slices, and sampler packs, beginning August 30th. In the mean time, feel free to visit the shop to see some of our newest additions of preserves, marmalade, savory pan bread, and much more to come!
Let us know if you have any questions and we hope to help you tackle your sweet or savory snack attack with something memorably delicious!

FREE GOODIES! To celebrate the launch of our new shop, we are offering a free 8 oz. jar of Strawberry preserves. To be added to the drawing for the preserves, simply sign up for our blog and leave a comment on this blog post and your entry is in! We'll take everybody's name and add it to a random drawing, that will take place September 30th. If you are the winner, you get a free jar of this amazing products! It's that simple! Let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at any time and good luck!

Come Visit Us this Saturday in the LA Craft Experience

 Come on out to visit us this Saturday evening at Chinatown's Central Plaza, for the LA Craft Experience. We'll be exhibiting some of our newest designs and will also have some freebies to give away too! We would love to see our friends and Craft Pals, so make sure to come on out. It should be a night to remember!

Any questions about this event or any of our upcoming exhibit dates, fee free to contact us at any time.

Also, please feel free to visit the website for the LA Craft Experience, for more information.

Thanks and we hope to see you there!