Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chakra Five Alive!!

Take a peek at this amazing treasury from Etsy seller beadesire.
They highlighted one of our Etsy stores in this amazing collection, featuring the luscious blue hue, representing the fifth chakra...Just click on the picture below to see the treasury...

Check out our highlighted etsy store Elemental Earth, to find some enchanting and energizing designs.

May you be well this fall season!

Peace, Ohm, and Namaste....


Kathy and Carrie said...'s beautiful.

kottagekreations said...

I really like your blogpage. Can you design mine? Pleeeaaaasssseee@
Im at and as well. Thanks for considering. Please let me know ok? I love your music too. especially imagine. i have alot of there songs on my windows media player. anyway ttyl i hope!